POLYBLICY is an first person shooter (fps game) playable in your web browser.

Check out Rush Team and War Attack, my two other fps games.

POLYBLICY is in Alpha stage.
I'm working on it during my free time, so be cool :)

In this fps game, i want to start working on the vehicles and a zombie mode
Stay tuned !


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b  o  t  s

are u ok asking for plastic

I need plastic to eat, maybe some rotten food

I love this game


hey shut up





tq for a new map

plz plz

plz plz plz plzp [plzpzl[pzlzpz

GG (good game)


s plz make this game for mobile,tabs,and i phines

good game

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

plz make this game for mobile plzplzplz

my username is Herobrine123


i make an acc for polyblicy and im getting pro

(1 edit)

is it possibility for you to put your game on mobile?


yes 100 pervectn right question

and one more. Plz fix problem on gamingstyle poliblicy.             It is always showing adblocker problem even i i dont have it.

plz add zombie mode

hey there How to get gun silencer and knife skin

inventory tab

yes easy level up byt harder after level 45

and make the levels harder just lightley you made them to easy now every is already like level 34 

Hey Roka a User called BRyaan or something like that is just using glitches to kill like one in Quick fight just keep jumping in front or back of the crates with sniper and it will just kill the person near the crate and when im in a game with him he makes the game lag for me and when i leave in new match its not laggy only with HIMM its Annoying Pleasee Pleasee Fix 

The game setting not Save, pls tell me how to fix. Pls

Umm Roka i have found a hacker who is using Level Hacks because he was level 29  when i joined him and one second later there level 34 There User name i zgeg can you do something   to him because it is annoying 

can you add more levels plz 

PLS ad more stuff for you unlock for levels

OK ok you update the game and just update the knife skin why not add something new:(

Bro I dont have any skin how can i get it

I ask one thing can the snipers have sway and attatchments to make them deal more damage 

Centipede is it you? but any way roka why is the Ak a way better gun than the P90 like you have to be level 25 to get P90 and it's not that good and I have to use the Macy ... and those guns are default weapons and there way OP like I'm level 32 and others have bad weapons for the level just lower the Ak and the Macy or higher the P90 and add new skins to the game that are worth levels or add a new type of currency you get for if your team wins and every kill and make Clan Ranks that would be cool But nice game man I love the game  Thanks for Creating it o 1 more thing can you make it a little easier to level because it's really hard to level because I get 100 kill game and only get 1 XP that's it my username= Ghost1

can u make a way so we can download it? that'd be pretty cool

I've heard tales of a shotgun being added. I'm begging you: no
Its going to be like a noob level sniper. The fact that the headshot hit box is so huge in this game is not going to balance with a shotgun. Either make it like a 725 (but with slower reload) or make this thing  an all around two shot. I'm just having PTSD from the shotguns in RushTeam that can literally cross map you with one shot.....

Deleted 69 days ago
Deleted 69 days ago

very fun game. you might need anti exploit since ive been using my exploits but other than that it is really fun. 10/10

no nigga

the game isn鈥檛 loading

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